Lebanon Emergency Appeal

This Friday (August 14), please come down to Mr Phillips on 15-17 Phillip Street, Parramatta and buy a coffee. All proceeds from every coffee sold will be donated to help those in Lebanon. A big thank you to Campos Coffee for their contribution towards this worthy cause.

Thank you!

We just wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ for all your support over this tough period during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve been touched by all the friendly faces and are very grateful for your continued support. We’ve been super busy serving our famous coffee and will also be doing some menu development over the …

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Papa Knows Best pastries and cakes

For over thirty years Salvatore Papa has successfully executed his vision of the Italian culture here in Sydney, Australia. Papa’s has been home to the ultimate dessert, Sydney’s favourite baked ricotta cake. With a combination of sensational sweet and savoury delights, Papa offers an authentic southern Italian breads, pastries and cakes. Their famous baked ricotta cake …

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Butter Boy Cookies

Who Is Butter Boy? He who started as part-time (self proclaimed) food critic, part-time law student, is now the boy behind the Butter Boy cookies. As a loyal pastry eater, and avid tester of cafes both local and abroad, Butter Boy brought his love for food (and a dangerously sweet tooth) to his own kitchen. From custard …

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Butterbing Cookies

A bunch of women baking Butterbings, the planet’s fudgiest, bestest cookie.  The Butterbing story (so far…) In 2013, Butterbing founder and overall dessert lover Simone Clark walked into her local IGA, and picked out the ingredients that were going to help her take over Australia’s taste buds. The journey started as an honesty fridge on …

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