Butterbing Cookies

A bunch of women baking Butterbings, the planet’s fudgiest, bestest cookie. 

The Butterbing story (so far…)

In 2013, Butterbing founder and overall dessert lover Simone Clark walked into her local IGA, and picked out the ingredients that were going to help her take over Australia’s taste buds. The journey started as an honesty fridge on her front porch, and selling an assortment of pastries to local Melbourne cafes.

Simone’s hard work, dedication, and CEO spirit, paired with her sweet sweet baking skills, ended up being the ultimate formula for success. All of these attributes combined, led to an extremely high demand, for a certain humble cookie sandwich. A demand that became so high, Simone found herself baking for 16 hours a day, as her home oven only made 6 cookies at a time. In true Simone fashion, she knew that personalisation was key – getting on her bike and hand delivering orders.

She made the decision to turn her cookie operation into a cookie business and moved into a commercial kitchen. Focusing on just one item, alongside her hand picked team of dependable bakers, would mean creating the perfect product.

In 2014, after a rebrand and relaunch appealing to the local cafe scene, Butterbing cookies was up and running.

That’s the story of how the Butterbing Queen, Simone started her empire. Since then Butterbing has expanded to more than 400 cafes all across Australia.

If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for? Life’s too short for average cookies.

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