Why we choose Campos Coffee

There’s nothing like a great cup of coffee.

Specialty coffee by definition, means no ordinary bean can make the grade.

Campos coffee work hard to cultivate only the best coffee beans. To guarantee their beans are at their flavourful best, the cherries are handpicked, but only when they’re perfectly ripe. This allows their natural characteristics to blossom and be preserved. They don’t believe sub-standard beans should ever exist, especially not hidden away in our specialty coffee blends. They pride themselves on the fact that they only ever use specialty grade beans in their coffee. This includes all of their blends, single origins and of course, their flagship Superior Blend. And this will never change.

Once the beans make it into the hands of their expert roasters, it’s time to really bring out the quality in flavour. They spend a great deal of time roasting, testing, cupping and assessing the beans to ensure every roast has the right balance and flavour profiles shining through. They repeat this process again and again, until they’re convinced it’s just right, each and every time. And even after this rigorous process, they still cup every morning – without fail.

Years on, it remains their favourite part of the day. And we hope to make it your favourite part of the day too. The perfect coffee. Day after day.

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